Yoga posture sequences are a series of postures arranged to inflow together one after the coming. This is frequently called vinyasa or a yogaflow.Start with the Basic sequences and gradationally do to morning and advanced sequences.

Seat and standing poses can be combined for a longer practice. Read the entire sequence first before rehearsing. Click on the posture picture or name to read the detailed instructions about the posture’s alignment, contraindications andmodifications.However, exercise these first until you’re comfortable with their alignment, If you’re strange with any postures.

Yoga Sequences


Summer is the time of fiery energy, excitement, and sincere passion and love. Summertime is also said to awaken our inner magician/ shaman. This archetype heals our body- mind- spirit, connects us to the eternity, and cultivates mindfulness of advanced countries of knowledge.

The magician/ shaman also embodies the energy of metamorphosis and change creating magic and cautions out of the ordinary life stuff around us. In ancient Chinese Medicine summer is the time when the fire element is dominant and the energy in the heart and small intestine organs becomes the strongest.

During warm summer days it’s easy for the fire element to move into discord creating anxiety, unease, heartburn and wakefulness. redundant fire energy can be balanced through comforting and soothing forward bends, heart opening reverse bends, and cooling pranayma.

Heart opening back bends will also strengthen the heart’s capability to produce and express joy, love and compassion. Use this 39- step yoga sequence to awaken and balance the powers of summer and to reach to your loftiest eventuality in the warmth of the summer sun.


Spring is the time of emergence, expansion, outside expression and new growth. After the downtime dormant season the energy of the body wants to spring and grow outwards and draw upon the stored energy of downtime. Springtime also awakens our legionnaire archetype giving us energy and passion to strengthen our spiritual practices, pursue creative systems, and to cleanse our bodies and homes.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine spring is the time when the wood element is dominant and the energy in the liver and gallbladder channels becomes the strongest. There’s a strong tendency for the energy in these channels to come stagnant and produce passions of wrathfulness, vexation and frustration, but this energy is fluently dispersed through fluid whole- body movement.

The liver peak connects with the eyes and doing practices that balance the wood element won’t only profit the our physical vision but also our cerebral vision as well to allow us to see our inner and external characters easily. Use this 37- step yoga sequence to awaken and balance the powers of spring inside the body.


Winter is a time of deep stillness and inner reflection. We can use downtime’s introspective energy to gain clarity and sapience for the spring cycle of growth and expansion. restraint and determination is needed to look deep into the darkness of this season to face our deepest fears, our retired realms, and our unconscious minds.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine downtime is the time when the water element is dominant and the energy in the feathers and bladder channels becomes thestrongest.However, but if the feathers are strong than we can pierce abundant restraint, courage and determination to survive and flourish in this season of darkness, If the energy of the feathers are weak than redundant fear may arise or feeling of depression may do.

This 41- step disguise sequence will tonify and spark the energy of the feathers to produce the strength, wisdom and courage to do the inner work that downtime presents.


Afterlife is associated with physical, emotional, and spiritual metamorphosis and is a time for letting go and releasing the effects that aren’t serving you. In Traditional Chinese Medicine afterlife is the time when the essence element is dominant and the energy in the lung and the large intestine channels come the strongest.

 cranking these energy channels through upper aft bends and arm/ shoulder opening poses encourages letting go on the physical and internal/ emotional situations. Afterlife is also a time when nature starts to pull its energy inwards and this 36- step disguise sequence activates the energy of groundedness and inner mindfulness of this season.


The Moon namaskar is a vinyasa pose to balance the Sun Salutation. The energy of the Moon Salutation is cooling, calming and nourishing and can be rehearsed to close the day.

The Moon Salutation invokes the womanlike and yin powers in the body and focuses on stretching the legs and sides of the body. Level Beginner to Intermediate.

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