Benefits of Kapalbhati

Kapal = forepart; bhati = shining; Kapal Bhati assumes significance in these times of epidemic. Then’s a quick companion to understanding how the breath is important in revitalizing your vulnerable system, and how KapalBhati helps homogenize the breath, making it easier and smoother. These trying times of the epidemic call for a stronger vulnerable system and a clear mind to act snappily when demanded. Our breath is one of the stylish remedies we have, to manage with anxiety or fear. It’s our breath that has amazing recuperative powers. The breath is privately connected with our internal and emotional state. Our breath influences our studies and feelings and vice versa. […]


PRANAYAMA BREATHING TECHNIQUES Still, heavy, dull, If you ’re feeling tired. There are a number of different breathing styles in yoga that can impact and affect your experience in asana, […]