8 Yoga Poses for Woman 

yoga for women
Yoga pose

Yoga has been healing people for generations. Originating in the Indian key, it has handed physical, internal and spiritual support to humans. Throughout these times and ages, the yogic wisdom has served people from all age groups and genders inversely. still, there are some exercises that are of immense benefits for women in particular.

Women, according to the yogic gospel are the incarnation of Goddess Durga, are the source of life on the earth and the union of all kinds of energy. A woman advances through multiple phases of life, from nonage to puberty and from fatherhood to menopause. Yoga helps you deal with all these phases, changes and challenges coming into your life.

Below are eight Yoga poses that every woman should exercise
for better health and internal energy.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Adho Mukha Svanasana
Adho Mukha Svanasana

Adho Mukha Svanasana is one of the most famous Yoga poses in the India. Thanks to its easy way of rehearsing and enormous benefits, people from each across the globe and age groups enjoy this disguise to make the body physically fit. This asana is favorable for the womanish body and stimulates the inflow of blood throughout the body corridor.

The whole weight of the body is held by the toes and triumphs on the ground, while the rest of the body is in the air. During the practice of Downward Facing Canine, the buttocks are at the loftiest point and the upper and lower halves of the body are fully straight.


A practice of peace, Child’s disguise is largely influential for working maters . Being a mama in this grueling world isn’t an easy task. You have to face a number of difficulties while dealing with your particular and professional life.

When stress attacks you, find sanctum in the comforting shadow of this beautiful disguise. Shishuasana( Shishu means a child) throws down all those unwanted studies from your mind to help you concentrate on effects that count. Kneel down on the bottom with the toes kept together.

As you gobble, bend forward to put your torso between the shanks and face on the ground. Press your hands on the ground and free up all your body corridor to feel relaxed. 15 twinkles of Shishuasana is a gem for a stress-free life.


Malasana is each about stretching your shanks and feeling the strength of your body. Begin this disguise by standing on the mat with the bases slightly wider. Bend your knees sluggishly in the squinching position.

 Bring your hands together to join the triumphs in Namaskar disguise by gently pressing the inner knees with your elbows to make it wider piecemeal. Bring your hips down a little but making sure your chine is stretched and the casket opened up. The asana is good for relieving pressure from the ham and neck region. It also stretches the hips, groin, and ankles.

Vriksasana (Tree Pose)

Bring stability to your life with Vrksasana. Add tone- confidence and inner faith to your mind and body by giving 5- 10 precious twinkles of your life to this amazing disguise. Learn how to stand erect like a tree indeed in the scarcest of situations when you claw into the astonishing ocean of Tree Pose.

This asana is rehearsed on one leg and the other bottom is on the ham. Keep yourself stable on one bottom and join your win near the casket to flash back the ultimate God by closing the eyes. Make sure the body, from head to toe, is in a straight line. You can add beauty to this Yoga asana by chanting a couple of mantras.

Utkata Konasana 

Attain the fierce fire of Goddess Durga, knowledge of Goddess Saraswati and the prosperous power of Goddess Laxmi by probing into one of the most amazing Yoga acts, Utkata Konasana. Also known as the Goddess Pose, owing to its resemblance to colorful goddesses of Hinduism, this asana is a great way to reach a position of internal, physical and spiritual perfection. Stretch your shanks and hips along with strengthening the arms muscles with a regular practice of this disguise.


When you do n’t have time for a longer Yoga session, embrace the beauty of Navasana to tone your abs and ham muscles incontinently. In moment’s busy life, a woman has a lot of liabilities to deal with without compromising with health and fitness.

Navasana, which replicates a boat during the practice, can be of immense benefit for your physical heartiness. Sitting on your buttocks along the legs and upper body making a right angle between them. Make sure the body is balanced in this position, while your legs are in the air. It’s one of the stylish ways to lengthen your shanks bones and chine.


One of the most flexible Yoga acts, Kapotasana is an advanced practice and filled with multitudinous advantages for the body and mind. Also known as Pigeon Pose in English, this yogic exercise tones the abdominal muscles and nourishes the digestive organs in an stupendous way.

This disguise should be rehearsed on an empty stomach to escape any negative effect. Begin by sitting on your knees with your legs fully in contact with the ground. Bend your body slightly backward to touch the elbow with the mat. Hold the toes with your hands and put the head on the ground between the hands. Remain in this position for a couple of twinkles to witness the enormous serenity it offers.


An advanced Yoga pose, Halasana is extremely effective in stretching the whole body. It replicates a plow during the practice, for which it is known as Plough Pose. Lie on the mat with all the body parts freed up. Raise your feet and slightly bring them up in the air. With the help of your hands, push your back to bring your toes behind the head with just the shoulders, neck, and head on the ground. Bringing your arms into action, clasp the hands to press firmly onto the mat. This helps you remain in the position for a long time.

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