Yoga for Women

They’re competent, protean and successful-dynamic at work, and doting at home! They’re the cement that hold numerous pieces of life together. Any homage will fall suddenly of the place women hold in our hearts and societies. But women are also stretched and stressed. While they look after everyone around them, who looks after them? The answer lies in Yoga- the balance that moment’s ‘ beauty with smarts ’ needs! Numerous experts have recommended yoga for women to help them successfully feed to the multiple demands on their time. Women have always had it tough if […]

Yoga for eyes

Are you also looking for how to ameliorate sight naturally? Or want to know whether you can you ameliorate sight with exercises? Or are there any eye exercises to remove spectacles? Yoga has answer to numerous of these questions. Regular practice of Yoga asanas for eyes can help you in this. Let us explore some introductory yoga exercises to reduce stree on the eyes snappily. Yoga for eyes: ImproveEyesight Naturally These yoga exercises […]